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Super enjoyable game! Looks great too! Took me a while to understand i needed more camera power cause i'm an idiot haha! Had lots of fun playing the zombie-esque game haha! Good job :D Game play is below if interested :)


Good Game.

Goose Game??? Hahahaha (bad joke sorry)

Thanks for the feedback and thank you very much for playing it!! ;-)


fun game ;D

Hi! thanks for the feedback, we are very happy that you liked our game.

Thank you very much for playing it! 


Finally! A clear and accurate insight into what it would be like to be famous! Thank you!! ;-). This is really fun! Some of the controls felt a little heavy at times (especially jump) but aside from that I loved it!!

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Hi! We're so happy to see you playing our game. We've seen you have a bit of a hard time, we hope you still had a blast playing!

Thanks for the feedback, it will help us a lot to improve. 

We will be uploading an update with several significant changes shortly.

Thank you for playing it! ;-)

Ah amazing! I'll give it a try when it gets an update. I did really enjoy it!


Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

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Hello!! Thank you very much for recording your gameplay. It will help us improve the game. We hope you liked it and found it fun.

Thanks for playing it!! :D